Dermatopathology Course in Pilsen 2016
16. června 2017, Pilsen, Czech Republic

4th Urogenital Pathology Meeting in the Czech Republic
TopicsDiagnostic problems in urologic surgical: rare and new
renal and testicular tumors, and prostatic lesions
DateJune 16 - 17, 2017VenueBioptical laboratory
Rejskova 10, Pilsen
Czech Republic

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Isabel Alvarado Cabrero (Mexico City)
Mahul Amin (Memphis)
Eva Comperat (Paris)
Kojima Fumiyoshi (Wakayma)
Wayne Grayson (Johannesburg)
Glen Kristiansen (Bonn)
Naoto Kuroda (Kochi)
Jose Lopez (Bilbao)
Jesse McKenney (Cleveland)
Delia Perez Montiel (Mexico City)
Gabriella Nesi (Florence)
Maria Picken (Chicago)
Maria Tretiakova (Seattle)
Kiril Trpkov (Calgary)
Sean Williamson (Detroit)
Ximing Yang (Chicago)
Michal Michal (Plzeň)
Ondřej Hes (Plzeň)

Course structure

The 4th meeting of an informal club „Kidney Tumor Friends“ will be held this year in Plzeň, Czech Republic.

We have changed the format of the meeting this year to a combination of slides seminar and series of pilot case reports (instead of lectures). More than 50 selected cases will be presented with an opportunity for discussions.

All cases will be digitally scanned and posted on the meeting website. Lectures will focus mainly on diagnostic problems in general GU patology with emphasis on rare and new renal and testicular tumors, and prostatic lesions. Due to the limited capacity of the auditorium, registration will be limited to a maximum of 100 participants.

We are looking forward to welcoming you in Plzeň, Czech Republic.


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