Dermatopathology Course in Pilsen 2016
16. června 2017, Pilsen, Czech Republic

4th Urogenital Pathology Meeting in the Czech Republic 2017
TopicsDiagnostic problems in urologic surgical: rare and new
renal and testicular tumors, and prostatic lesions
DateJune 16 - 17, 2017VenueBioptical laboratory
Rejskova 10, Pilsen
Czech Republic

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Persons: Mrs. Irena Kratochvilova
registration, administration

Prof. Ondrej Hes, MD
course director

Mr. David Michal
Address: Bioptical laboratory
Mikulasske sq 4
326 00 Pilsen
Czech Republic
Phone: +420 737 220 447 (Mrs. Kratochvilova)
+420 737 220 415 (Mr. Michal)


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