Dermatopathology Course in Pilsen 2016
16. června 2017, Pilsen, Czech Republic

4th Urogenital Pathology Meeting in the Czech Republic 2017
TopicsDiagnostic problems in urologic surgical: rare and new
renal and testicular tumors, and prostatic lesions
DateJune 16 - 17, 2017VenueBioptical laboratory
Rejskova 10, Pilsen
Czech Republic

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Friday, June 16

Morning Session
8:00Greetings, introduction: Ondrej Hes
8:05Naoto Kuroda: Renal hemangioblastoma (Naoto 1)
8:20Glen Kristiansen: Intraductal prostatic adenocarcinoma (Glen 1)
8:35Glen Kristiansen: Ductal prostatic adenokarcinoma (Glen 2)
8:50Isabel Alvarado: Mucinous tubulary and spindle cell RCC (Isabel 1)
9:05Glen Kristiansen: Prostatic urothelial carcinoma (Glen 3)
9:20Isabel Alvarado: Chromophobe RCC with neuroendocrine differentiation (Isabel 2)
9:35Delia Perez Montiel: Testicular polyembryoma (Delia 1)
9:50Ximing Yang: Prostate- Basal cell carcinoma (Ximing 1)
10:05Coffee break
10:35Isabel Alvarado: Neuroendocrine carcinoma (Isabel 3)
10:50Delia Perez Montiel: Malignant Sertoli Cell Tumor- Testis (Delia 2)
11:05Ximing Yang: Sclerosing adenosis of the prostate (Ximing 2)
11:20Delia Perez Montiel: Primary sarcoma of prostate (Delia 3)
11:35Ximing Yang: Testicular tumor of congenital adrenal hyperplasia (Ximing 3)
11:50Kveta Michalova: Pancreatic analogue solid pseudopapillary neoplasm arising in paratesticular location
12:05Naoto Kuroda: Bladder micropapillary carcinoma (Naoto 2)
12:20Wayne Grayson: Multiple leiomyomas of the skin and RCC (Wayne 1)
12:35Fumiyoshi Kojima: Acquired Cystic renal Disease ass RCC
12:50Sean Williamson: Pseudosarcomatous myofibroblastic proliferation of urinary bladder (Sean 1)
13:05Lunch and guided tour in Bioptická laboratoř (for those, who are interested)
Afternoon Session
15:05Sean Williamson: Solid / tubular pattern of papillary RCC (Sean 2)
15:20Hes Ondrej: Squamouid biphasic papillary RCC (Ondra 1)
15:35Sean Williamson: Giant renal angiomyolipoma, fat-predominant mimicking well differentiated liposarcoma (Sean 3)
15:50Coffee break
16:20Wayne Grayson: Dermatopathology in tuberous sclerosis (Wayne 2)
16:35Naoto Kuroda: penile mucoepidermoid carcinoma (Naoto 3)
16:50Jose I. Lopez: IgG4-related retroperitoneal disease (Pepe 1)
17:05Jose I. Lopez: Renal sclerosing PECOMA (Pepe 2)
17:20Maria Picken: Paneth cell-like prostatic carcinoma (Maria P 1)
17:35Maria Picken: Seminal vesicle amyloid/extrarenal GU amyloid (Maria P 2)
20:00Social evening, dinner
Restaurant Rango, Pražská ulice 89/10, Plzeň

Saturday, June 17

Morning session
9:00Introduction, organization, etc: Ondrej Hes
9:05Ondrej Hes: translocation RCC TFE3/nono (Ondra 2)
9:20Hes Ondrej: RCC with leiomyomatous stroma (Ondra 3)
9:35Kiril Trpkov: Malakoplakia associated with prostatic adenocarcinoma (Kiril 1)
9:50Kiril Trpkov: Eosinophilic solid and cystic RCC (Kiril 2)
10:05Jesse McKenney: Tuberous sclerosis ass RCC (Jesse 1)
10:20Kiril Trpkov: FH defficient RCC (Kiril 3)
10:35Jesse McKinney: Atrophic and calcified renal cortical lesion (Jesse 2)
10:50Jesse McKinney: SDHB deficient RCC with thyroid-like features (Jesse 3)
11:05Coffee break
11:35Gabriella Nesi: Pleomorphic giant cell carcinoma of the urinary bladder (Gabriella 1)
11:50Gabriella Nesi: Inverted papilloma in renal pelvis (Gabriella 2)
12:05Maria Tretiakova: TFEB-amplified RCC (without TFEB translocation) with prominent histiocytic infiltrate and aggressive behavior (Maria Tr 1)
12:20Gabriella Nesi: Mixed epithelial and stromal tumour of the kidney with malignant transformation (Gabriella 3)
12:35Maria Tretiakova: Well-differentiated neuroendocrine tumor of the kidney (carcinoid) and multiple CCPRCCs (Maria Tr 2)
12:50Eva Comperat: Sex cord tumor of the testis (Eva 1)
13:05Lunch and guided tour in Bioptická laboratoř (for those, who are interested)
Afternoon Session
15:05Maria Tretiakova: AMLEC with prominent low-grade epithelioid morphology (Maria Tr 3)
15:20Eva Comperat: Rete testis carcinoma (Eva 2)
15:35Eva Comperat: Reactive changes in bladder (Eva 3)
15:50Mahul Amin: Unusual renal lesion occurred in an adult (Mahul 1)
16:05Coffee break
16:35Mahul Amin: SDH-like HLRCC tumor (Mahul 2)
16:50Michal Michal: Trophoblastic tumor of the testis (Michal 1)
17:05Mahul Amin: RCC-UMP, medullary phenotype (Mahul 3)
17:20Michal Michal: Talerman´s tumor (Michal 2)
17:35Mahul Amin: What’s new in AJCC/UICC TNM


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