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Surgical Pathology Courses 2008

February 15 - 17 & 22 - 24, 2008. Pilsen, Czech Republic.

Invitation Letter

Dear Colleagues,

We have the pleasure to announce courses in Surgical Pathology at a multihead OLYMPUS microscope given by Pilsen pathologists, which will take place at the Bioptical Laboratory in Pilsen, Czech Republic from Friday 15th to Sunday 17th February, 2008, and Friday 22nd to Sunday 24th February, 2008.

Within 3 days the participants will take 6 courses lasting approximately 3 to 4 hours each (2 courses per day). The courses will start in the morning at 9.00. There will be a 2-hour lunch break between the courses (held on the same day). Slides of several hundreds of interesting cases will be shown and discussed.

The topics of the courses are: Pathology of the Head and Neck (Prof. A. Skalova, MD, PhD), Pathology of the Skin (D. Kazakov, MD, PhD), Pathology of the Breast (Z. Kinkor, MD, PhD), Pathology of the Urogenital Tract (Ass. Prof. O. Hes, MD, PhD), and two courses of Selected Problems in Surgical Pathology (Prof. M. Michal, MD). All courses will be held in English.

The fee is 250 Euro, which includes the fee for the courses, accommodation for 4 nights (Hotel Hazuka in Pilsen, Zborovská street 18), 3 dinners (including one dinner in restaurant in Prague at the Royal Road with transfer to Prague and back for interested participants), and transfer to and from the airport in Prague. The registration fee for accompanying person is 150 Euro for the same service. Pathologists from Eastern Europe, Latin America and republics of the former Soviet Union may obtain a discount on the fee, which will be discussed after payment and arrival in Pilsen.

In order to facilitate the arrangement of your transportation from Prague to Pilsen and back, please give us your flight details as soon as possible after registration, 10 days before the courses take place at the very latest.

On the evening before the courses will start, that is Thursday 14th and Thursday 21st February, there will be a welcome dinner at a Pilsen restaurant.

Registration information is available at

As the multihead microscope has altogether 28 seats, there are only 27 seats available for participants and registration will be conducted on the "first come (pay), first served“ basis. After mid-January 2008 no money will be paid back in case of cancellation.

Please check our website for any important additional information.

We are looking forward to welcoming you in Pilsen.

Dr. Michal MichalDr. Alena SkalovaDr. Ondrej Hes
Dr. Zdenek KinkorDr. Dmitry V. Kazakov
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