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Courses in Surgical Pathology 2007

January 25 - 28, 2007. Pilsen, Czech Republic.

Information to the participants


For those that come by airplane, please let us know the time of arrival, and the number of the flight and number of the terminal you arrive to (terminal 1 or 2). We are going arrange transfer from the airport for you.

To those who come by car I add the address of the hotel Hazuka, where you are going to be accommodated. The address of hotel Hazuka is: Zborovská street 18, Plzeň 301 00. This is a new small hotel, but the price is that of a pension (see two figures bellow). The car can be parked inside of the court. The hotel is some 2 km away from the laboratory in Mikulasske namesti, where the courses will take place.

Photo: Hazuka
Hazuka Hotel
Photo: Hazuka

Welcome dinner

The welcome dinner will start at 20:30, January 25, 2007. Our car(s) will come for you to the Hotel Hazuka where you are going to be accommodated and take you the Spanish restaurant “El-Cid” at 20:00. This restaurant El-Cid is close to the main square (Namesti Republiky) in front of the Hotel Continental.

The courses

Day 1.

The courses will start January 26, 2007 at 10:00 a.m. The courses will take part in our laboratory, which is situated at the Mikulasske namesti (= Nicolaus square) at the corner with Barrandova ulice nr.7. (= Barrandova Street nr. 7). Our laboratory has altogether 3 houses, which are some 100 meters apart one from another. Two of these houses you can see below (Pink house 1 and Grey house 2). The seminar will take part at the Gray house 2, which is the corner house on the attached picture. There is situated the multihead microscope (picture attached) in this house around which we will spend three days. The Mikulasske namesti is close (some 200 meters) to the main train station (= in Czech “hlavni vlakove nadrazi”). The program of the courses will take 7-8 hours every day of the courses. You will see some 900-1000 slides during the courses. The only language of the courses will be English.

On the January 26th there will be dinner in another restaurant in Pilsen.

Day 2.

After the course program, there will be arranged a short visit to Prague (75 minutes drive by car) together with evening walk through the Prague and a late dinner in Prague on the January 27th. This visit to Prague will be only for those interested. By no means is it compulsory part of the program. We will get back from Prague late at night.

Day 3.

The program of the courses on the 28th will start at 11:30. I to stay in Pilsen till the 29th, because the courses will end in the evening around 20:00.

Please write me on this e-mail (

Photo: Laboratory - Pink house 1
Laboratory - Pink house 1
Photo: Laboratory - Grey house 2
Laboratory - Grey house 2

For any case of emergency I add cellular phone numbers of my colleagues who help with the organizing of the courses:

Ass. Prof. Dr. Ondrej Hes:(+420)
Dr. Dmitry Kazakov(+420)
Dr. Petr Mukensnabl(+420)

Dear colleagues we are looking forward to see you all soon.

With best regards
Michal Michal

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