5th Urogenital Pathology Meeting in the Czech Republic
14. října 2021, Plzeň

5th Urogenital Pathology Meeting in the Czech Republic
Topics Diagnostic problems in general GU pathology
DateOctober 14-16, 2021 VenueBioptical laboratory
Rejskova 10, Pilsen
Czech Republic
deadline: September 30 2021

COVID info
(vaccination, certificates, traveling)

Number of registered:

lectures 50 of 120

slide seminar 26 of 29


Amin Mahul (Memphis)
Comperat Eva (Vienna/Paris)
Tretiakova Maria (Seattle)
Vujanic Gordan (Dauha)
Zhou Ming (Boston)
Jose Lopez (Bilbao)
Nesi Gabriella (Florence)
Agaimy Abbas (Erlangen)
Hardtmann Arndt (Erlangen)
Osunkoya Boye (Atlanta)
Gatalica Zoran (Oklahoma)
Yang Ximing (Chicago)

Reza Alaghehbandan (Vancouver)
Siadat Farshid (Calgary)
Calio Anna (Verona)
Martignoni Guido (Verona)
Kristyna Pivovarcikova (Plzen)
Kiril Trpkov (Calgary)
Joanna Rogala (Wroclaw)
Kvetoslava Michalova (Plzen)
Rajal Shah (Dallas)
Monika Ulamec (Zagreb)
Michal Michal (Plzen)
Ondřej Hes (Plzen)

Course structure

The meeting will take place in the Biopticka laborator s.r.o.

The format of the meeting will be a combination of a slide seminar (multihead microscope, Thursday, OCT 14) and lectures (Friday-Saturday, OCT 15-16th.

The meeting will focus mainly on diagnostics problems in general GU pathology, rare and new kidney, testicular tumors and prostatic lesions. WHO 2021 and GUPS updates were/will be published in 2021. Vast majority of the speakers were authors of both classifications, therefore it is possible to expect brand new reviews of GU problematic. Due to the limited capacity of the auditorium, registration will be limited to 120 attendees for lectures and 29 participants for multihead microscope session.


Bioptical laboratory
Mikulasske sq 4
326 00 Pilsen
Czech Republic
Šikl´s Department of Pathology
Charles University Hospital and Medical Faculty Plzeň
alej Svobody 80
304 60 Pilsen
Czech Republic